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welcome to my profile~ :iconwave-uplz:

I'm Det2x, short for det-det. tbh, this is my well-used nickname both in virtual and real lives. Actually, I have so many, like Berna, Berns, something like that as long as it's from my actual name Bernadette...haha just Bernadette gonna be in public so I'm not gonna tell my full name since it's a secret. I'm still a highschool student so be my senpai! :iconsuspiciousplz: I like a lot of things but maybe not all of your likes are my likes since we're not equal beings, so yeah nice meeting you~
and thank you for visiting~ :iconkyutsmileplz:

Filipino Language 3 by Carminadelic

Pinoy Proud to be!!! Puuuuuuussssssssooooooo! :heart:
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Harvest Moon~
Harvest Moon Stamp by p-o-c-k-e-t

*NEW AND IMPROVED*  daddy why did you eat my fries by snorasaurusOh Holy Cow Stamp by rhianorange Finn the Human stamp by HystericDesigns
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Tagged by:  :icontashaj4de:


1. Choose some of your OCs
2. Make your OCs answer these questions
3. Tag other people
4. Add one question of your own.


MyNOT SO Lovable OC’s//shot

    1.   Ayumu Kurosawa= Popcorn Goddess and victim # 2 of the terror tutor

    2.   Gumi Kamihara=The one who blackmails everyone

    3.   Kei Nakamura=Have the fabbu shottaness//shot

    4.   Hiro Yoshida= The kid who fits for basketball which don’t know how//shot

    5.   Yukari Hanabara=The terror tutor

    6.   Maya Sato= The “Nyan”nie person

    7.   Hina Izumi= The kami who’s not evil…

    8.   Yuji Hanabara= Victim # 1 of the terror tutor

Kiyo Furukawa=A girl that fits for vocaloid because of headphones but can’t sing.


All of them are shots—yup I’m dead, tash gave titles on her oc so why not I give for my own?//shot


    1.      How old are you?

Ayumu: Sixteen….I’m sixteen years old~

Gumi: Hmm…I guess seventeen now…wait….*checks on own app* but…but…what here it says I’m sixteen. What’s the big deal? :iconwatmemeplz:

Kei: Fiftee—sixtee-fifteen…fifteen…and please don’t mistake me for some 10 years okay? :iconhappygrinneplz:

Hiro:  Seventeen years old~ :iconhesmileplz:

Yukari: Twenty-nine, why do you ask? ^__^

Maya:  Labing-an---ayy---Sixteen..sixteen years old~

Hina: Sixteen as well---*whispers: Why are most of us are sixteen?*

Yuji: Sixteen like what that kami said~

Kiyo: H-how do you know I’m sixteen…:iconzoominandoutplz:*pointing at Hina*


    2.      Do you want a hug?

Ayumu: Give me you best all since I’m used to it…being glomped by everyone is good =w=

Gumi: Okay…but I’m gonna blackmail you for no reason at all…:iconstalkercameraplz:

Kei: :iconnanohugniplz: Done and done~ :D

Hiro:  Sure?

Yukari: What reason should I let you hug me?

Maya: I always need a hug~ Huggie please~

Hina: No, I need to look at the stars later. :iconiceuplz:

Yuji: For what reason? :iconhe-blushplz:

Kiyo: *takes off headphones* What did you say?? :iconnyoronplz: <--- completely ignores the question))


    3.      Have any bad habits?

    Ayumu: I’m eating snacks all the time? Is that bad…hope not ~_~

    Gumi: Blackmailing and I’m proud~ :iconhairflipplz:

    Kei: Bad habits? I think none? ((If there is, he don’t want to talk about it))

    Hiro: Maybe… :iconhesmileplz:

    Yukari: Of course not~ ((Yuji and Ayumu has signs saying the opposite at the sidelines))

    Maya: People say I run stubbornly so that made the dogs barks out loud.

    Hina: A person who spends her night outside.

    Yuji: I sleep and play games…---why, is it that normal for teens like me? :iconduudewtfplz:

    Kiyo: *Listening to music while she knows someone’s talking is a bad habit*

    4.      Have any pets?

Ayumu: No.

Gumi: No. Just my camera~

Kei: No

Hiro: Not really

Yukari: Yes~ I have a cat an orange cat~

Maya: Yes, myself am a pet to all. *probably because of her many animal head accessories*

Hina: No, should I go own one? :iconamythinkplz:

Yuji: My sister has one.

Kiyo: Too irresponsible to have a pet so no D:



    5.      Have any kids?

Ayumu:  No…

Gumi: No…do you want to see your humiliating person to publicity. :iconibarawhatplz:

Kei: No, no, no, do you think a shota like me would have--?...:iconsulkplz:

Hiro: O---kaaaayy I’m out

Yukari: .....((Owner -chan will not approve of Marriage and kids!//shot))

Maya:  My fellow stray kittens..LITERRALLY

Hina: *Simply ignores question*

Yuji: WTF is wrong with you!!!? :iconmioblushplz:

Kiyo: *doesn’t hear anything*


    6.      Favorite Food or drink?

Ayumu: Popcorn and Chocolate~ I always bring them just in case. :iconsuspiciousplz:

Gumi: Strawberry Ice cream nonetheless~ :iconmanlytearsplz:

Kei: Hmm…I think Iced tea?

Hiro: Anything sweets are fine? Do you have any-?—Can I have some?

Yukari: Salty and Sweet food. :icongoyuiplz:

Maya: Anything’s fine~… I WANT CURRRY!!! :iconsuperw00tplz:

Hina: Sweet as candy? Do you like some?---Sorry I have nothing to apologize to you. :iconharuhistareplz:

Yuji: Bread~ Especially Melon pan desu~

Kiyo:  Candies :iconmingplz: and I say most of us are candy lovers!


    7.      Any Secrets?

Ayumu: It’s not much of a secret but I stole milkshakes. :iconpapmingplz:

Gumi:  Die or blackmail~ you’re choice :iconmisakidarkplz:

Kei: If I tell, isn’t it not a secret anymore? :iconhepoutplz:

Hiro: Shh… be quiet…it’s a secret :iconsatoshipeaceplz:

Yukari: I agree, it’s not a secret if it’s being told so shut it! :iconorekipoutplz:

Maya: Do you wanna know? Sorry, it’s a secret~ :iconsmile-luplz:

Hina: I don’t have one.(LIES//shot)

Yuji: I hated my sister secretly---don’t you dare tell her!!! :iconorekirantplz:

Kiyo: None of the moment (LIES #2//shot)


    8.      Love anyone?

Ayumu: My snacks~

Gumi: The people I already blackmail without any revenge to me. ^_^

Kei: My sister Michi of course~

Hiro: Family, isn’t it obvious.

Yukari: I see people equally :iconduudewtfplz:

Maya: Kitty Cats~

Hina: No one, I’m not that kind of level yet, just on the family level. :iconorekiblinkplz:

Yuji: Family. :iconshrugsplz:

Kiyo: Me, myself and I


    9.      What is your job?

Ayumu: I don’t have one, I’m still a student y’know?

Gumi: A servant and photographer.

Kei: I’m still young, I’m sure I don’t have a job application yet. :iconhoneyflowersplz:

Hiro: Something that gave money. Duh?

Yukari: A science teacher, and tutor students. :iconfacerubplz:

Maya: I’m still underage. I don’t like to work. That’s it. :iconduudewtfplz:

Hina: I study stars, is that a job? :iconnyoronplz:

Yuji: I’m not ready for a job…but should I find one? My sister wants to…:iconyuihuhplz:--nevermind.

Kiyo: No, I like my young life to last long. :iconsobbplz:

    10.  Favorite season?

Ayumu: I think winter, since I like Christmas and all that.

Gumi:  Autumn. Perfect for taking pictures~ :iconclapsplz:

Kei: Winter because of snow obviously. :iconhoneyflowersplz:

Hiro: Any season is fine~ :iconhappygrinneplz:

Yukari: Autumn, since that usually the start of classes, and classes means money for me---excuse me.

Maya: Autumn, since that’s the season of my Birthday. :iconmion-plz:

Hina: Any season except for Summer…I don’t like heat. :iconsulkplz:

Yuji: I like Spring for no reason. :iconmingplz:

Kiyo: Summer…I have a lot of vacant time.


    11.  Who’s your best friend?

Ayumu: All my people and friends are my best friends~ :iconimaginationplz:

Gumi:  My milady, Miha-chan…she’s my childhood friend but ehhh. *shrugs*

Kei: I don’t have that many of friends, my sister has a LOT…:iconsulkplz:

Hiro:  I don’t recall having one as best but just friends, what’s your point at the ‘best part’? :iconorekihuhplz:

Yukari: I have a lot of friends and they all know and respects me. :iconsobeautifulplz:

Maya: I haven’t met my new classmates that well.

Hina: I don’t know them by name just faces so none yet. :iconsotiredplz:

Yuji: I think I have one, just seems to forget about it, I think we’re not that close but friends. ((CHO MANY RANDOM FRIENDS//shot))

Kiyo: *Doesn’t seem to say anything* …


    12.  Hobbies?

Ayumu: I mostly write stories but I mostly eat.

Gumi: *Shows camera* Believe me, I said a thousand of times. :iconmhmmmplz:

Kei: Just chilling’ \o/

Hiro: Reads a book, or just killing time like always

Yukari: Hobbies, I let Ayumu share a snack with me.

Maya: Running like a ninja~ like Naruto always does. And also buying stuff.

Hina: Stargazing, it’s my LIIIIIIFFFFFEEEEE!!!! :iconmarysmilingplz:

Yuji: Listening to music, playing games, walking around, disturbing people’s business if I had to…you know normal stuff. :iconorekibakaplz:

Kiyo: Just listening to what-so-called Music.

What are you going to do when the interview is over?

Ayumu: Do what I usually do I guess… :iconyuihuhplz:

Gumi: Okay, I ask you if you need a photographer, I work for cash.

Kei: …I don’t know exactly.. :iconasunaheheplz:

Hiro:  Okay, it’s your turn to interview~ :iconsetosmileplz:

Yukari:  So it’s done right?

Hina: Is it afternoon? It’s my nap time ^_^

Maya:  Continue my shopping. Do I need more accessories?

Yuji:  Eat some bread because I’m hungry.

Kiyo:  I would play Pokemon on my Gameboy.



    14.   What is your eye color?

Ayumu: Umm… a little auburn brown maybe? I dunno.. between those two colors. :iconshrugsplz:

Gumi: Do I look like GUMI? What is GUMI’s eye color. SPEAK!

Kei: Same as Gumi but a little light greenish.

Hiro: Blue…Charming blue eyes. :iconmanlytearsplz:

Yukari: Light Green.

Maya: A light bluish sort. I dunno why..all the people in Asia as black ones. I’m jealous!!!

Hina: Mixed with blue and green but I always like yellow ones~

Yuji:  Same as my Yukari-oneechan.

Kiyo: Light blue but not the same as the other girl with neko ears.


    15.   Are you good? Or bad?

Ayumu:  100% good~ :icongudjobplz:

Gumi: 50-50. And I REGRET NOTHING!

Kei: Is being optimistic, friendly any better? :iconcrai-plz:

Hiro:  I guess I’m good. :iconshrugsplz:--I dunno if others agree. O-o

Yukari: Haha of course I’m good!

Hina: IF YOU CALL ME EVIL! I MESSED YOU UP! :iconimadplz:

Maya:  Nyan~ good~

Yuji:  Goooooooooddddd! :iconmhmmmplz:

Kiyo:  I’m nice~


    16.  If you can get anything, what do you want?

Ayumu: Anything delicious~

Gumi: Hmm…it’s hard to choose but a giant camera!

Kei: I can’t decide… @__@

Hiro:  I’ll be smarter than Einstein…The brain of Einstein. :iconomgcryplz:

Yukari:  The power to prove Science is better than Math.

Hina: Hmm…the power to change villains to good.

Maya:  A three-headed flying dog so I will have 3 dogs and a bird.

Yuji:  I don’t know…treasure I guess?

Kiyo:  Anything that will make my world a dream come true.


    17.   What is you greatest fear?

Ayumu: …That red stuff inside of us… Bl-blloood.. :iconscareduplz:

Gumi: Horror to be in fact…just trying to overcome it.

Kei:  Let’s not talk about it…I don’t like it. :icondesucryplz:

Hiro: I think this will be one of my secrets so yeah secrets…

Yukari: Children will riot.

Hina: to be called EEEEVVVVIIILLL….:iconibaramadplz:

Maya:  Dogs chasing me because I’m neko…It scared me for life..


Kiyo: *SHRUGS*


    18.  Does your name has a special meaning?

Gumi: My parents are a fan of vocaloid GUMI so they force to be like her. :iconsulkplz:

All: No idea…ask our Owner-chan… =-=((IDK MYSELF//shot))


    19.  Any siblings?

Ayumu: Nope, just me. :iconkyutsmileplz:

Gumi: I’m the only child.

Kei: I have my Michi-chan as my baby sis. ^__^

Hiro: Yup, she’s 12 years old.

Yukari: I don’t know if I ever consider Yuji my brother since he sucks at Science. :iconfacepalmplz: ---->Yuji: TT^TT

Hina:  Only daughter.

Maya:  I have my little bro who I dressed as a dog. :iconmoesmileplz:

Yuji:  My terror tutor who taught me everything Sciency. TT^TT

Kiyo:  Nope.


    20.   Where do you live?

Ayumu:  Right now, I’m living at Japan at my dorm at my school of Ikehara.  :D

Gumi: At a house…

Kei: Umm, is a house really necessary to live in or do you other expected answers? :iconorekihuhplz:

Hiro: I once lived alone but now I lived in a dorm at Natsugaoka~

Yukari: Near Ikehara High to be in fact.

Hina: At the place you never knew and expected from a kid like me. :iconflirtwinkplz:

Maya:  I’m about to live in a dorm…I’m excited actually.

Yuji:  Dorm.

Kiyo:  Same dorm of Towers.


    21.   Do you find yourself attractive?

Ayumu:  I don’t know myself…I don’t wish to be full of boast and pride. :iconhmmmmplz:

Gumi:  Maybe? >_<

Kei: I don’t know…I never pay attention to my looks.

Hiro:  Yes…but that’s my opinion people…don’t criticize me. :iconidontknowuplz:

Yukari:  ………………………………………………… ((OWNER-CHAN DON’T APPROVE OF MARRIAGE ^_^))

Hina: Yes, why you asking? :iconkurumiblehplz:

Maya:  Yeshh desu. Along with my neko ears~ :iconhakasenyaniplz:

Yuji: What do you think? :iconlmfao-plz:  

Kiyo: :iconshrugsplz:


    22.   What’s your favorite manga?

Ayumu:  I don’t read that much manga but I watch anime~

Gumi: Too many reading I can’t choose!

Kei: I never read that much.

Hiro:  Hmm… I read the Naruto but I never finish it.

Yukari: Those are for children. :iconduudewtfplz:

Hina:  Manga is comics right? I read those American comics like Amazing spiderman which is my favorite!

Maya:  Sket dance~

Yuji:  I never have a chance to read but I know them in anime form.

Kiyo:  Pokemon, I discovered it’s short for Pocket monster haha :iconmingplz:


    23.   What is your theme song(S)?

Ayumu:  Ievan Polka

Gumi:  Fear Garden

Kei: Pon pon pon

Hiro: Trick or treat

Yukari:  (Doesn’t listen to songs actually)

Hina: Amazing Spider man (Her favorite)

Maya:  Ah, it’s a wonderful cat life

Yuji:  Inokori sensei

Kiyo:  I was born this way :iconmingw00tplz:


    24.   How do you imagine yourself in the future?

Ayumu: A successful author :iconexcitedsmileplz:

Gumi: I live my dream and that’s a photographer~

Kei: I successfully finished my studies…haven’t thought for a job yet.

Hiro:  Dad wants me to become a business guy and I said “sure whatevs~” :iconminghideplz:

Yukari: I already have a job so grow being old with white hair. :iconorekiblinkplz:

Hina: A great kami~

Maya:  A pet lover or something~

Yuji:  Any job with no involving Science.

Kiyo:  A DJ! TUGS TUGS TUGS!//shot


    25.   Who do you respect the most?

Ayumu:  Everybody who’s nice to me and gives inspiration!

Gumi: People who don’t get revenge and also Miha-chan!

Kei: Elders, teachers, my sister a lot…

Hiro:  My parents of course hahaha

Yukari: I respect people with respect of me.

Hina: Someone who’s talking to me :iconureshiiplz:

Maya:  Those animals lovers :iconohuplz:

Yuji:  My one and only sister!

Kiyo:  Myself. :iconhairflipplz:


    26.   Do you have a special power?

Ayumu:  No, just prior imagination :iconayanosmileplz:

Gumi: The power of blackmailing! :iconfabulousplz:

Kei: No, I’m a simple boy.

Hiro:  No!

Yukari: None!

Hina: Well, I have a power of a kami.

Maya: Wanna see me run like Naruto?

Yuji:  None, Sorry…

Kiyo:  *shakes head*


    27.   If you could gain power, what could it be?

Ayumu: Read minds so no secrets will be a secret! :iconsatokolaughplz:

Gumi: I think the same, reading minds so that I can see their thoughts.

Kei:  I would fly like Superman!

Hiro:  Well, to be able to move fast, to have more time for leisure.

Yukari: I don’t need powers. I’m too old for that childishness!

Hina: I dunno…

Maya:  Be a cat hybrid…transformation GO!!!

Yuji:  To be a megamind…:iconsulkplz:

Kiyo:  Telekinesis!


    28.   Do you have a favorite videogame? If so? Which one?

Ayumu:  Those online board games that I FAILED MOSTLY!

Gumi: Any games that’s not horror please. I’m not ready.

Kei: Candy crush! It’s tricky!

Hiro:  Some game to kill time :iconkanogrinplz:

Yukari: I don’t play those kinds.

Hina: Anything that’s up-to-date…

Maya: Those dress-up and such for kids like toddlers. :iconritsublushplz:

Yuji:  Fighting games like Tekken!

Kiyo: P-pokemon… I have my Charizard to burn you.


    29.   What is your prized possession?

Ayumu: My published books of Fruit Apocalypse, d’you wanna read it? ((Hiro: *raises hand* //aftrer reading// *:iconsulkplz: scarred for life!))

Gumi:  My camera, I’ll kill those who broke it! ((Yuji: *gulps*((a meme I’ve years back-->

Kei:  The chain I got from my sister~

Hiro:  My books~ :icontogaitosmileplz:

Yukari: My cat

Hina: Candies and my jacket :iconhesmileplz:

Maya:  My hair accessories Nyan~

Yuji:  My highscore is my life (Again, check the link at Gumi’s answer))

Kiyo:  My Pepperming flavored….headphones


    30.    What is your soul emoticon?

Ayumu:  :iconlolazusaplz::iconshizukunomplz:

Gumi:  :iconstalkercameraplz:

Kei:  :iconhoneyflowersplz:

Hiro:  :iconhesmileplz: :iconlmfao-plz:

Yukari: :iconibarawhatplz::iconibaramadplz:

Hina: :iconorekibakaplz: :iconmingplz:

Maya:  :iconazunyanplz: :iconhakasenyanniplz:

Yuji:  :iconhappygrinneplz: :iconwhatheplz:

Kiyo:  :iconlisteningplz:


    31.   Is that time already?

Ayumu: What? Eating time?

Gumi:  Blackmailing time, Are you ready? :iconstalkercameraplz:

Kei:  5:24 pm :iconyuinodplz:

Hiro:  Yeah, it’s time….what time…? :iconorekithinkplz:

Yukari: Please check your watch, I can see over by your you have? :iconwatmemeplz:

Hina:  I missed my nap time…

Maya:  I’m sleepy thanks to that random orange girl named Hina.. :icontokiya2plz:

Yuji:  Please don’t say it’s study time… :iconhepoutplz:

Kiyo:  Hope it’s done…


    32.   Any last words?

Ayumu: Nope~ :iconmarysmilingplz:

Gumi:  Can I blackmail you? :iconstalkercameraplz:

Kei:  Bye~

Hiro:  Arigatou for the time! :iconhappygrinneplz:

Yukari: So it’s done?

Hina: *runs outside*

Maya:  Nooooppppppeeee

Yuji:  Finallyyyyyyyyyyy it’s DOOOOONNNNNEEEEE!

Kiyo:  What did you say? :iconlisteningplz:


33.(Added Question:) Are you happy in life?

    Ayumu:  Of course~

    Gumi:  Yes, with all the blackmailing yes! :iconyeashplz:

    Kei: I don’t know, sometimes I cry like an idiot. :iconcraiplz:  

    Hiro:  Maybe? :iconsatoshismirkplz:

    Yukari: Yes…what kind of person who says “no” to that question?

    Hina: Me…:iconsulkplz: ((shotted by Yukari’s answer))

    Maya:  Yesh~ along with the kitty cats~  :iconhakasenyanniplz:

    Yuji:  OF COURSE, if you experience a terror teacher as your sister then yes my life is good :iconorekirantplz:

    Kiyo:  *nods* As long as there’s music.



    Annnnnnnnndddddd dooonnnee! :iconotlplz: took me a day! Anyways tagging time! Arigatou Tash-senpai~ and Ganbatte to all!


I wanna know your answers~ Ganbatte













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